We run awareness campaigns about when to use our service, give seasonal advice, promote how to recognise the symptoms of a stroke or sepsis, and knowing where your nearest community defibrillator can be found.

We also support health awareness days from the wider NHS and charities.


Dont choose to abuse logo 2019   Square

Don't Choose to Abuse

We've launched a campaign highlighting the unacceptable physical and verbal abuse our staff receive.

It's Your Call Logo

Do you want to know more about 999 calls, and when you should make one?

Our 'It's your call' campaign helps inform people and educate others on how 999 calls are handled and prioritised so that in the event of a medical problem, they feel better equipped to know what to do.

Their Life, Your Hands logo

Their Life, Your Hands

We launched our ‘Their Life, Your Hands’ to get people thinking where their nearest community public access defibrillator is located - and also to help take the fear out having to use one should the situation arise.

Stroke FAST test graphic

For information about stroke, how to recognise the symptoms and what action to take if you think someone has had a stroke.

Stop sepsis, save lives logo


Do you know how to spot this deadly blood disease that kills 44,000 people a year in the UK alone? Find out what sepsis is and what to look for.