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We will be best known for our emergency 999 service but we also provide a range of other services.

Emergency 999 service

With more than 3,600 emergency 999 calls coming in to us every day; these are answered and managed in our emergency operations centres (EOCs) at Bedford, Chelmsford and Norwich.

Call handlers record the information about the nature of the patient's illness or injury to make sure they get the right kind of medical help and response. Using specialist software, the patient’s condition is put into a category, depending on how urgent it is. This is known as triaging, and allows us to make sure the most seriously ill patients can be prioritised and get the fastest response.

Once key information has been established, the right response can be assigned. This could range from an emergency ambulance dispatched on blue lights, through to further clinical assessment over the phone from a paramedic for patients with minor conditions or even a referral to their GP, pharmacist or local walk-in centre.

Patient transport services

We also provide non-emergency patient transport services for patients needing non-emergency transport to and from hospital, treatment centres and other similar facilities and who can't travel unaided because of their medical condition or frailty.

Special and partnership operations

We operate two hazardous area response teams (HART) and have a resilience and emergency planning department who work closely with critical care charities and community volunteers to respond to a variety of emergency situations.

Commercial services

We operate a number of commercial services which generate income for us. These include training for blue-light drivers and first aid at work. In addition, we also have a contact call centre and a medical service which cover events, festivals and medical repatriation.