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Significant improvements in experience at work for EEAST’s BME colleagues

Date: 16 May 2024

The East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust (EEAST) has today published the results of an independent employee experience survey for black and minority ethnicity (BME) colleagues.

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The survey showed a positive improvement in 93% of questions compared to the initial survey in 2022. Areas with significant improvements include:

  • a 37% positive increase in relation to the question ‘individual difference in respect of race, ethnicity and colour have been respected / embraced in teams’ (a response of 77% in 2024, compared to 40% in 2022)

  • a significant reduction in staff experiencing inappropriate nicknames, banter or mimicking. In 2022, only 39% of staff had not experienced this but in 2024 this improved to 64% (an improvement of 29%)

This year’s BME survey ran between February and March 2024. It included an online survey and confidential one-to-one interviews with McKenzie LLP, an external specialist equality, diversity and inclusion consultancy.

Whilst the survey was much more positive, it also identified areas in need of further improvement. An action plan has been drawn up from this feedback to address those areas.

In 2022 we also commissioned other equality and diversity surveys on LGBT+ and disabled and neurodiverse staff. These annual surveys help us better understand and improve people's experience of working for EEAST.

Dr Hein Scheffer, Director of Strategy, Culture and Education said:

“Our latest black and minority ethnicity (BME) survey shows significant improvements in the experience at work of our BME colleagues.

“This demonstrates we are moving in the right direction since the initial survey in 2022, while identifying where more work needs to be done.

“That work has already begun, and we remain committed to eradicate any form of racist or discriminatory behaviour at the Trust.”

A summary of the survey results and action plan, along with the full report, can be downloaded from the Trust website.

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