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Our region has it all – you can too when you choose EEAST 

Do you want to be seen in green? We need more patient-facing staff in our communities and will give you those important first steps on the clinical career ladder. You get to live and work in a region that enjoys the breathtaking North Sea coast, the hustle and bustle of historic towns and cities, and endless opportunities to travel, see and do. There's nowhere else like it.

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It's Your Call

Our 'It's your call' campaign helps inform people and educate others on how 999 calls are handled and prioritised so that in the event of a medical problem, they feel better equipped to know what to do.

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At the heart of every community are people who want to do what they can to care for others.  Volunteering to help save lives in your area not only means supporting the ambulance service, but providing someone as close as your neighbour with a quick response if they become life-threateningly ill.  

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