Patient transport service

We provide non-emergency patient transport services in Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and parts of Essex.

Non-emergency ambulance (PTS vehicle) with female crew member standing beside it pushing an empty carry chair.

Our patient transport service (PTS) team make about 500,620 journeys every year, taking patients who are frail or need specialist assistance to and from appointments at hospitals, treatment centres and other similar facilities.

This is a high quality service for patients which is safe, effective and flexible and gives people fair access to vital health services.

The service we provide

  • a timely, comfortable service, suitable for their needs
  • professional care, delivered with dignity and empathy
  • travel in well equipped vehicles benefiting from the latest technology
  • a journey that is no longer than necessary, although sometimes travel conditions, distance and accommodating other patients can affect the daily running of the service
  • information about their booking including reminders and updates
  • a listening and responsive service
  • assistance to their clinic
  • return transport to their own home.

Am I eligible for transport?

To find out if you or a family member is eligible for patient transport, please contact the relevant number below.  Please answer all questions we ask as accurately as possible, this helps us to assess whether you are eligible for transport. 

Cambridge: 0345 6038117

North East Essex: 0300 0134995

West Essex: 0300 1232295

Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire: 0345 6051208

What we will need from you

The first thing you will need to provide us with so that we can take your booking is your NHS number, this is often on your appointment letter.  Take a look at our leaflet at the bottom of this page for more information about you NHS number.

We will also need the details of your GP surgery and the address of where you will be picked up from. Make sure to tell the call taker when you book, if you have any specific requirements so that we can provide the most suitable form of transport to you.

Keep a note of your unique booking reference number in case you need to contact us about your journey again at a later date.  If your appointment gets cancelled, changed or you no longer need transport please make let us know as soon as possible.

Ambulance car service

To complement this service, we have volunteer car drivers who provide an ambulance car service. These excellent volunteers and their vehicles have to meet specific requirements to volunteer with us and they take many patients whose conditions allow them to sit in a car to their medical appointments across the region and further afield.


Want to give feedback?

If you have recently used our patient transport service for non-emergency journeys, such as hospital appointments, we are keen to receive your feedback about the quality of service you received from us to ensure that we meet the needs and expectations of our patients.

Complete our Patient Transport Service Patient Experience Survey.

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