Children's educational materials

If an adult is not around would a child know how to call for an ambulance in case of an emergency?

It's important for children to understand how their ambulance service works so we've produced some materials to help them understand more about us and when they should call 999.

We have put together an educational activity book to help children understand more about the ambulance service with details of how and when to call 999 in an emergency. 


Our activity book is aimed for children at Key Stage 2 with adult supervision. Where we have tried to make our book fun and easy to read, a child may find certain information difficult to understand and therefore adult supervision is advised. We want to encourage conversations about emergency services and hope this is the starting point for those conversations at home.

Children's activity book

Learn how and when to call 999 in an emergency with the help from Lex and Pat.

Download our activity book here.

Have fun with our colouring sheets

Download Lex, Pat and Sam with an ambulance colouring sheet
Download a paramedic with our ambulance colouring sheet.

Activities, puzzles and more! 

Download the activities from our activity book.


 Preview of our activity book: