Their life, your hands

We launched our ‘Their Life, Your Hands’ in 2015, a campaign to get people thinking where their nearest community public access defibrillator is located - and also to help take the fear out having to use one should the situation arise.

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Automated external defibrillator (AEDs) are housed in special cabinets. These are known as community public access defibrillators (CPAD) and can be accessed in an emergency by anyone. The 999 caller will be given a code from our call handler.

With hundreds of community public access defibrillators across the region, often located in rural communities, knowing where your nearest defibrillator is and getting it to the patient more quickly whilst the 999 call is on-going, can greatly help the outcome when someone is in cardiac arrest.

Where is my nearest CPAD?

A complete list of all the community access public defibrillators is available by county. Take a moment to know where your nearest CPAD is and share with loved ones nearby as spreading information like this is very important within communities.

Watch our video below to see just how easy to use this life-saving piece of equipment is:

Here's Simon Marshall, explaining the importance of community public access defibrillators and showing how easy they are to use.

Want to register your defibrillator?

You can register your defibrillator with us on our online form here.