Patient Takeover Week

Patient experience and what is done to improve services will be the focus of our latest ‘takeover’ week.  

We will be sharing information and insight about our patient services and feedback, including the work of staff and volunteers within those clinical teams.  These teams help process information, feedback, and serious incidents which further improve the patient experience and development of staff and volunteers.



We start our patient takeover week with an infographic showing some numbers about feedback and responses to our surveys. We capture all of this information to try and see what trends there are, and also see what needs further investigation if people have raised serious concerns. We’ll be sharing more detailed stats throughout the week, but if you want to look at the patient surveys, you can find them here:


We have a group of people who volunteer with the Trust to be the critical friend and a source of feedback from their communities. The Trust User Group works with the Patient and Public Involvement team to be in the community talking about the service, gathering feedback, and doing work for the Trust which includes station visits and. Julie has been a member of the group for several years, and in this blog shares her views on what it means to her. Thank you Julie for your participation this week:

Read her blog here.



Most of us take for granted how our daily routine works like clockwork every day, and that the likelihood of needing any emergency help is pretty low. For patient John Michaels, however, he will forever . In this blog, we get his perspective on how a serious incident like his was handled and how grateful he felt to meet with his lifesavers, one of whom was off-duty. It’s feedback like this which helps encourage our teams to do the best for everyone they come into contact with, and we thank John for his participation this week:

Read his blog here.

Patient meet-up: Suffolk family's emotional reunion with lifesavers.



Patient meet-up: Young boy reunited with life savers following cardiac arrest



Patient meet-up: “Two hours later and I would have died”: Cambridgeshire woman praises lifesaving medics