It's your call

Do you want to know more about 999 calls, and when you should make one?

Our 'It's your call' campaign helps inform people and educate others on how 999 calls are handled and prioritised so that in the event of a medical problem, they feel better equipped to know what to do.


Our campaign focuses on how the ambulance service makes the right call for all its patients by assessing and grading each one for the right response and as quickly as possible.

This is so crews can get to patients with life-threatening conditions first so they aren’t put at risk.

Our campaign will also prompt patients to ask themselves if they are making the right decision in dialling 999 or can consider alternatives.

What happens when you call 999?

You can download our guide highlighting what happens when you call 999 and how calls are handled and categorised. Click on the download list below to view or click on the images.

  What happens when you call 999?


When should you call 999?

999 is for life-threatening emergencies only. Download our guides highlighting when you should call 999.