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Date: 13 December 2016

We're giving Twitter followers another unique insight into emergency care on one of our busiest days of the year.

To coincide with Black Friday on 16th December, the second winter 24-hour Twitterthon will yet again highlight the work of staff and volunteers, and the type and sheer volume of calls received this time of year. 

The day is traditionally known to emergency services in the UK as Black Friday because of its connection with Christmas parties and nights out.  We handled 3,186 calls during last Black Friday, making it one of its of the 30 busiest days between November and February.

Use #24HoursinEoE from 7am to follow our commentary at the Norwich emergency operations centre, then Chelmsford, and Bedford, followed by a 12-hour rideout in Peterborough.

By splitting the event between all three of our control rooms and shadowing some of our road staff, we hope to shine a wider spotlight on what it takes to work on Black Friday.

Please retweet and link whenever you can so that your followers get the same perspective and hopefully have a greater appreciation of our work and the activity we face on such a busy day!

All of the information about winter health and demand on the ambulance service can be found using #winterwise.

  • Summary:

    Follow #24HoursinEoE this Friday to learn more about our 999 service

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