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Staying safe this fireworks season

Date: 04 November 2020

Like many colleagues in the emergency services, I approach November 5th with some trepidation. For the ambulance service, the combination of suddenly darker evenings and colder weather are a reminder that winter is on it’s way, with the additional pressures that will inevitably bring.

Dr Tom Davis
Add in bonfires and the ready availability of fireworks – and their potential for causing accidents –  and you will appreciate that this is not the favourite season for most of our staff.

COVID-19 has made everything different: celebrating Hallowe’en and Bonfire Night will look different for many people this year, but our key message remains: we want everyone to enjoy themselves safely.


We normally advise people to take part in organised displays, but for many that may not be possible this year, so please be extra careful if you choose to have a bonfire or firework display at home.

Check with your local fire and rescue service to get good advice on how to safely handle fireworks and organise a display at home.

Being COVID-19 safe

If you are able to attend an organised event or are holding an event at home for family or friends, remember that COVID-19 restrictions still apply and social distancing precautions need to stay in place. Think of others: think hands, face and space in line with government advice.

Cold weather

October can be a month where we can swiftly switch from balmy autumn evenings to sudden cold snaps. So, if you’re planning on taking part in outdoors events over Hallowe’en or November 5, be mindful of the cold weather. The very young and the elderly can be most susceptible to the effects of cold, so ensure they are well-wrapped up and check on them frequently.

We hope everyone enjoys Hallowe’en and Bonfire night safely, and as we head into winter, we ask for all the public to continue showing us the wonderful support they gave us at the beginning of the year. By staying safe you can help keep our staff free to look after those patients who need us most.

Dr Tom Davis Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director, East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust

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    Dr Tom Davis, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director provides tips for enjoying the fireworks season safely.