Statement following NHS summit action plan

Date: 02 February 2018

Time: 12:00

We have issued the below in response to the action plan statement by NHS England and NHS Improvement following a summit earlier this week.

EEAST and its NHS system partners will work together on actions to further improve joint plans for current and future services.

The summit identified a number of actions that were needed to secure greater resilience for regional ambulance services. Some of these actions are for EEAST and some actions are for the wider NHS.

We welcome the feedback from this summit and will be working closely with partners and staff to meet the actions. The Trust always wants to learn how it can improve the service we provide to patients.

Each of the potentially serious incidents recorded while the Trust was experiencing high levels of demand are being investigated internally. These will also be thoroughly and independently reviewed to ascertain whether patients were harmed. This will be concluded by Easter.

The families concerned will be the first to be informed of the findings of their loved one’s cases.

In the interests of patient safety and to ensure the rigour of the review, the list of potentially serious incidents highlighted by MPs will be shared with us and included in the review.

  • Summary:

    Our statement following this week's summit.