Praise for restaurant manager who stepped up to give CPR to a stranger

Date: 12 February 2020

Restaurant manager Christopher Adams was in his car in a Southend Street, waiting to pick up a member of his staff, when a woman rushed up saying her friend was not breathing.

Within minutes he was giving CPR to a stranger while our crews were on their way to the scene.

Claire Ruddy, Leading Operations Manager has thanked Christopher and praised him for getting involved and staying to help our crews: “Although the patient sadly died, he did a great job of dealing with an extremely stressful situation, the patient was like Christopher himself, only in his 30s, and he showed the true definition of being a good Samaritan.”

Christopher said: “It was 6am, I was picking up one of my team, and had just parked up when a woman came up to the car and asked me to call 999 as her friend was not breathing.

“I called 999, and gave them what information I could, but I realised that I would not be able to answer all their questions without going after the woman into the flat.

“I went inside and could see a man lying on the sofa, not breathing. He looked dead.“

The call taker asked if he had started chest compression, and Christopher realised that he would have to do something.

“I said ‘what do I do?’ and the call taker took me through it, and gave me timings to do the compressions on speakerphone.

“Four or five minutes later, the ambulance crew arrived, and started doing chest compressions and putting an airway into the patient. After a few minutes, they asked if I could do some more compressions, before another crew arrived.”

The second crew arrived, and continued to attempt resuscitation until it became evident that no more could be done.

“I’d had basic first aid and CPR training a couple of years ago and, but when it’s not refreshed, you forget.

“I paused for a second when the call operator asked if I could start CPR, and I realised how much courage it takes to do something when someone’s life is in your hands.

“It surprised me how much the crews do and what they are prepared to go through to save a life…"

  • Summary:

    Leading Operations Manager Claire Ruddy has thanked a restaurant manager who stepped up to dial 999 and provided CPR to a complete stranger.