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Off-duty police officer commended for being first on-scene at cardiac arrest

Date: 12 July 2023

Off-duty police officer Baley Faulkes-Anstee interrupted a day out with his family in Newmarket to help resuscitate a man in cardiac arrest.
The incident happened last August when Baley, who volunteers as a GoodSam responder, received an alert on his phone while taking a blanket to his wife and their baby who were shopping in the town.

Baley Faulkes-Anstee receives a Commendation from EEAST Chief Executive Tom Abell

He said: “I didn’t know what it was at first, as I had only signed up to the app a week or so before, and this was the first time it had gone off.”
The app told him a man had collapsed at a nearby pub, so he made his way to the scene. Baley, who had been given first aid training both in the military and also by Cambridgeshire Police, assessed the situation.

He said: “The patient looked pretty much dead and had no pulse whatsoever. I began giving CPR and I was doing that for around ten minutes before the first ambulance and then the air ambulance crew arrived.”

Even after paramedics arrived, Baley stayed on scene to support his blue light colleagues and help manage members of the public.
The crews were able to re-start the patient’s heart and transport him to hospital where he made a good recovery.

EEAST clinician Gregory Corns, who worked alongside Baley at the incident said: “There is no doubt in my mind that resuscitation was achieved due to Baley’s actions. He recognised cardiac arrest and started basic life support. He then remained on scene and was incredibly helpful and supportive. His actions gave this patient the best possible chance of survival.”

Baley has been given the Chief Officer Commendation for his actions - just one of 131 people who received an award as part of the Trust’s annual ceremony on Wednesday, July 5.

The ceremony honours courage and swift action in medical emergencies by blue-light colleagues and members of the public. It also recognises outstanding commitment, long service and dedication by members of EEAST staff.

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  • Summary:

    Off-duty police officer Baley Faulkes-Anstee interrupted a day out with his family in Newmarket to resuscitate a man in cardiac arrest.