New CFR car launched in Chafford Hundred

Date: 05 September 2019

CFR Chafford Hundred Jonathan Needle  Marcus Bailey  Zoe Tydeman and Lorna Hayes

A new car, aimed at helping our community first responders (CFRs) get to patients as the vital first response, has been launched in Chafford Hundred.

The car is now available 24/7 and has been fully funded through the fundraising and hard work of first responder and CFR coordinator Zoe Tydeman.

Community first responders are volunteers who are trained to attend certain types of emergency calls in the area where they live or work. Their aim is to reach a potential life-threatening emergency in the first vital minutes before the ambulance crew arrives.

Zoe said: “I’d like to say a big thanks to all the people who have supported me over the last two years to manage my community first responder (CFR) work and fund this new vehicle, whilst also working full time in Canary Wharf in business management and managing a family.

“I have also funded and installed many public access defibrillators for our community through fundraising work, with more due to be delivered and installed shortly.

“Paul Ludewig, my clinical link at EEAST has been a great support since he took on the group in March 2017, showing how valuable CFRs are to both the Trust and the community they serve.”

Zoe is a responder serving the Chafford Hundred area, which serves the west side of Thurrock, including Grays, South Ockendon, Orsett, Aveley Stifford Clays.

Several community first responder applicants are currently going through the recruitment process with EEAST and will soon embark on their training programmes.

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  • Summary:

    A new car, aimed at helping our CFRs get to patients as the vital first response, has been launched in Chafford Hundred.