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National Sibling Day: Amber and Martin Bradbury

Date: 10 April 2023

Time: 08:00

Amber and Martin

This National Sibling Day, we’ve spoken to members of #TeamEEAST who work alongside their siblings about their experience of working together.


Introduce yourselves!

Amber: I'm Amber, I love animals and anything sparkling, I'm a paramedic that’s been based at Ely for just under 8 years.

Martin: I'm Martin and I’m an emergency care assistant here at EEAST.


Did you know as a child that you wanted to work for the ambulance service or in healthcare?

Amber: I never really liked school and used to want to be an art teacher, then a vet. I've had many different jobs before joining the Trust but knew I could never become a paramedic without going to university, which I couldn't do as I only held GCSEs.

Martin: As a child I always wanted to go into the military. After finishing school, I joined the Army (1st Battalion the Royal Anglian regiment). I started in a rifle company before moving into a specialist role in an anti-tank platoon. I completed two tours of Afghanistan and did various training exercises in Canada and Kenya. I then transferred to the Royal Air Force into a logistics role. I completed a total of 16 years’ service across both the Army and RAF.


Did your sibling inspire you to join the ambulance service? Or did you inspire them to join?

Amber: I'm not sure if I inspired Martin to join the ambulance service, he has always been in some sort of service whether Army or RAF, but I think telling him my stories of work has helped him know what it's really like.

Martin: When I left the military, I thought of joining the ambulance service as the similarities with the military naturally drew me to it. I've always had a caring side and put others before myself. My sister has always shared the types of jobs she does with me which made me want to choose this career path even more.


Do you get to work together at all? If so, what’s it like working with each other?

Amber: We haven't got to work together yet only bumping into each other if we are out of area, but I would love to do a shift with him.

Martin: We have yet to work with each other as we don't live close to each other.


Is there anything you would like to say to your sibling this National Siblings Day?

Amber: I've always been incredibly proud of my big brother, he's very humble about his achievements. Being one of four siblings, I'm used to sharing, and now I get to share this job with my big brother.

Martin: Amber has always been my cheerleader in anything I do, it is amazing to now be able to work alongside her. Knowing I am following in her footsteps makes me very proud and has given me more admiration for her.


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  • Summary:

    This National Sibling Day, we’ve spoken to members of #TeamEEAST who work alongside their siblings about their experience of working together.