Look after your heart to avoid a cardiac emergency

Date: 01 November 2016

Time: 10:00

Cardiac week banner

It is easy to take our heart for granted. However, if we don’t look after it, it could lead to a 999 call in the future

The service experienced a 6% increase in cardiac arrest calls in 2015/16 compared with the previous year and a 5% increase in chest pain calls.

We are urging people to make some simple lifestyle choices to help their long-term health and help reduce the number of cardiac emergencies.

The Trust received 9,713 calls to cardiac arrests in 2015/16 and 64,286 emergency calls to patients with chest pain.

People are being urged to:

  • Adopt a healthy balanced diet to help lower cholesterol levels.
  • Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and lowering salt intake will improve people’s heart health
  • Drink no more than 14 units of alcohol a week
  • Stay active by doing a recommended 150 minutes of physical exercise a week
  • Quit smoking


Marcus Bailey, consultant paramedic, said: “Cardiac arrests are our highest priority calls and our staff do their very best to resuscitate a patient who is not breathing.

“However, we are urging people to act now to avoid a cardiac emergency in the future. It is important that we look after our hearts. Simple steps such as a balanced diet and staying active will help avoid a 999 call for an emergency ambulance.”

The Trust is running a cardiac care week from 31st October to 6th November to encourage people to look after their heart and to know what to do in an emergency. Follow updates on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using #cardiaccare


County breakdown of cardiac arrest calls in 2015/16 (compared with 2014/15)

Bedfordshire – 947 (915)

Cambridgeshire – 1,208 (1,116)

Essex – 2,977 (2,911)

Hertfordshire – 1,444 (1,426)

Norfolk – 1,814 (1,604)

Suffolk – 1,324 (1,196)



County breakdown of chest pain calls in 2015/16 (compared with 2014/15)

Bedfordshire – 7,246 (6,829)

Cambridgeshire – 8,776 (8,605)

Essex – 20,262 (19,569)

Hertfordshire – 9,633 (8,909)

Norfolk – 10,749 (10,048)

Suffolk – 7,617 (7,516)


  • Summary:

    People are being urged to look after their hearts to avoid a cardiac emergency in the future #cardiaccare