Latest job vacancies if you want to be 'seen in green'

Date: 30 September 2016

Paramedic  kneeling before female patient to assess

Haven't got around to applying for patient-facing jobs with us but have always wanted to?...Then visit this weekend to see what's on offer.

We reported a 17% rise in calls this year for the most seriously ill people, job adverts are about to close for frontline roles across the eastern region.

They include senior emergency medical technicians, and paramedics and senior paramedics.

Kevin Brown, Director of Service Delivery, said: “We have an ambitious recruitment drive, getting hundreds of people to join us out seeing patients or working in our control rooms to deliver the best possible patient care we can.

“The 999 call ‘activity’, as we call it, is a national surge and whilst we do urge people to always consider the way in which they use their local NHS services, we have to ensure we’re doing what we can to respond to that rise now, as well as support our existing staff in their responses.”

To apply for a job with us, visit and search for East of England Ambulance Service.

  • Summary:

    Recruitment drive continues to help face increase in 999 service