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Joint emergency response saves man’s life

Date: 13 August 2020

A woman paramedic in EEAST uniform

Bedfordshire firefighters rushed to help a paramedic save a man’s life on Saturday (1 August).

Just after 1pm, Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service were called to support the East of England Ambulance Service (EEAST) at a suspected cardiac arrest in Leighton Buzzard.

Two firefighters who had been trained as co-responders with EEAST during the coronavirus pandemic attended the incident.

Crew commander Michael Rankin and on-call firefighter Glen Childs arrived at the incident to find rapid response paramedic, Penny Prestedge, giving life-saving care.

The crew assisted Penny as she fitting all the monitoring equipment to allow her to assess the patient.

Michael said: “On arrival, it was quickly determined that the patient was not breathing but had a heartbeat and his breathing quickly needed to be assisted.

“Penny guided us like a true professional and, using the equipment we had been expertly trained on by EEAST, were able to establish an airway and support the man’s breathing.”

Both firefighters were prepared in wearing level three protective equipment, so were quickly able to deliver ventilations, freeing Penny to give the relevant medications.

Glen said: “In working together, we were able to support in delivering emergency life-saving treatment. As a result, the man recovered well on scene and was taken to hospital for continued observations and recovery.”

Penny, who is based in Leighton Buzzard, said: “We work really closely with the fire service in Leighton, as their crews are specially trained to co-respond to the most serious incidents alongside our paramedics.

“I cannot praise them enough. Michael and Glen were brilliant and definitely helped to save this young man’s life. But it’s not just on this job that our firefighter colleagues make a difference – they are always more than happy to do whatever they can to help and we’re really grateful for their support.”

Station commander Rob Hulatt said: “The collaboration work with our fellow blue light partners is key to protecting and saving our Bedfordshire communities. This incident demonstrates the effectiveness of joint working, the professionalism of our firefighters and the effective training delivered by EEAST.

“I am proud of the firefighters at Leighton Buzzard for their willingness to go above and beyond in helping our communities and for their quick response on this incident to delivering trauma care.”

  • Summary:

    Bedfordshire firefighters rushed to help a paramedic save a man’s life on Saturday (1 August).