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Jail for man who abused blue-light workers

Date: 14 September 2023

The Chief Executive of EEAST has warned that abusing blue-light workers can end in prison after a man was jailed for over six months for offences including assaults and abuse against ambulance staff and police officers.

On 5 September, police officers from Peterborough’s city centre Neighbourhood Policing Team arrested Charlie Spurrier (22) who was causing a nuisance in the town.

Whilst transporting him to custody, he became unconscious and required immediate medical assistance. However, Spurrier kicked out at a police officer administering first aid and spat in the face of another.

An ambulance was called, but Spurrier continued to abuse officers, shouting racial abuse at one before biting the officer’s hand and spitting at him. At hospital, Spurrier threatened to harm ambulance crew who were giving him medical assistance, as well as hurling racial abuse at another police officer.

Spurrier, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to three counts of assaulting an emergency worker, racially aggravated assault, and a racially aggravated section 4 public order offence when he appeared at Cambridge Magistrates’ Court on Friday (8 September).

He was sentenced to a total of 33 weeks in prison, including the activation of a previously suspended 12-week sentence for assault causing actual bodily harm (ABH) in June this year.

Chief Executive of EEAST Tom Abell said: “We would like to thank the police and the courts for bringing this case to a satisfactory conclusion. Our staff are only ever there to help people and they should be able to do their job without abuse. 
“This is a reminder to those that would assault or abuse our crews that we will support our staff and give every assistance to bringing offenders to justice – and this can end in a prison sentence.”


  • Summary:

    A man who abused ambulance staff and police officers has been jailed.