Essex CFR group celebrate installation of defibrillator

Date: 28 March 2017

Clacton defib installation

Everyone who made a donation during the Clacton Carnival last year should be rightly proud of themselves this week.

Why? Because £2,500 of donations raised during the event has led to the installation of a defibrillator outside the town hall, with funding secured by the town’s community first responder group.

Sarra Bolton, an emergency medical technician (EMT) with the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust (EEAST) and former Clacton Community First Responder group coordinator, successfully applied for the funding from the Clacton Carnival.

She said: “To receive such a substantial sum of money was fantastic news, not only for the Clacton CFR group, but also to the people of Clacton who may need it in the future.”

The lifesaving equipment, installed on Monday (27th March) has been hailed by Sarra as a future key part to saving lives in the community.

Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are housed in special cabinets. These are known as community public access defibrillators (CPAD) and can be accessed in an emergency by anyone. The 999 caller will be given a code from our call handler.

Sarra added: “It means so much to the public; even it saves one life, it is money well spent. I feel proud to know that I’ve played a part in this - it could make all the difference to this community. The CFR groups rely solely on donations so without them, this would have simply been a dream, not a reality.”

Community first responders are trained by EEAST to respond to medical emergencies such as cardiac arrests, allergic reactions, diabetes emergencies and patients with breathing difficulties and chest pain.

If you’re interested in becoming a CFR visit here for more information:


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