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Dedicated ambulance crews devote personal time to sharpening emergency skills

Date: 10 August 2023

Time: 10:00

Staff from East of England Ambulance Service (EEAST) have taken part in a series of realistic emergency planning exercises designed to prepare them for emergency situations that are not encountered every day.


Crews work on casualty simulation dummies

One recent exercise at Sutton Bridge featured a simulated explosion on a ship and involved water rescue, rescue at height and saw EEAST crews and the Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) colleagues working closely together to practice triage and treatment of multiple casualties.

EEAST’s participation was co-ordinated by Peterborough Mentoring, Support and Training Team with additional input from their Hazardous Area Response Teams, patient transport and make-ready teams. Police and community first responders also attended.

The EEAST staff who attended were all on rest days and were drawn from a wide range of clinical grades including BSc students from Anglia Ruskin University.

These exercises are in addition to the regular staff training, and are designed to offer high-quality, fully-immersive training to challenge staff with situations they may not encounter very often. 
Exercises have simulated a wide range of scenarios, including burns, heat related illness, trauma, shootings, drownings, and a stabbing in a nightclub. 

The exercises are open to all, regardless of clinical grade.
“All we ask is a willingness to learn and get involved and we’ve had very positive feedback from all our attendees,” said Leading Operations Manager Laura Kitchen, who has co-ordinated the events with other EEAST and Fire and Rescue colleagues.

“This is a great example of staff across EEAST working together and freely giving up their time to help colleagues, as well as an excellent example of EEAST working with other emergency services and external agencies.
“It also shows that EEAST offers immersive and high-fidelity training to staff and students, which is undoubtedly of value in terms of recruitment and staff retention.”

Peterborough Mentoring, Support and Training Team (MST) was formed four years ago to support all staff that were on a Learning or Preceptorship pathway, offer support to all staff who may have clinical questions, require support and to develop operational training, irrespective of their grade.


  • Summary:

    Staff from EEAST have taken part in exercises to prepare them for emergency situations not encountered every day.