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Commercial Week 2023: Who are the National Performance Advisory Group (NPAG)?

Date: 19 July 2023

Time: 10:00


Today, Commercial Week is focusing on the National Performance Advisory Group (NPAG), perhaps the least well-known of our commercial services, but arguably one that has the widest reach across the NHS. 

The National Planning and Advisory Group (NPAG) is a self-financed commercial team based within EEAST, who work to support NHS and public sector managers nationwide in the continuous improvement of their services. NPAG is a recognised professional development specialist, and they generate their income through membership, event fees and sponsorship. That income is then fed straight back to the Trust and supports innovation projects.

While NPAG operates under the broad Trust umbrella, they have a clear, national identity underpinned by their own branding and website. This is key to ensuring they remain a national resource, not just local to EEAST. However, managers from EEAST have been long-term supporters of NPAG over the years in the areas of sustainability, clinical engineering and security amongst others, and we have supported the Trust in key projects (such as xxx).

NPAG will be 40 years old this year and support 50% of NHS trusts. They currently boast around 700 members who benefit from the best practice learning, knowledge sharing and networking that NPAG offer.

What do you get as an NPAG member?

The services NPAG provides for members include:

Best value groups

Facilitating 20 national forums for managers to meet, network, discuss specific subject areas and share experiences. The best value groups provide managers with an opportunity to compare and review their own services alongside their peers, to ensure they are fit for purpose, deliver on quality and are continually improving.

Training workshops

Delivering training sessions covering a wide range of topics from occupational health to customer service skills but tailored to each client’s specific needs. These include bespoke on-site workshops which are tailored to meet the individual needs of the particular group.

Event management

Managing and organising events, from large scale national conferences to exhibitions and award ceremonies. NPAG runs three major annual conferences: the National District Nurses Conference, Clinical Engineering Conference and the Theatres and Decontamination Conference.

In the last 12 months alone, as a team of just four, they have created and managed over 100 events including three national conferences, 69 best practice events and 31 workshops.

NPAG Network

Managing a question and answer forum for members to share best practice, raise questions and request assistance. The network gives members the chance to access professional and practical advice from their peers, and share documents. If you’re a member of #TeamEEAST, you are very welcome to join and you can email to find out more.



  • Summary:

    Today, Commercial Week is focusing on the National Planning and Advisory Group (NPAG).