Cambridgeshire family reunited with ambulance crew following road traffic collision

Date: 03 November 2016

Nathan Latimer, Jake and Lucy Grossman, and Kelly Thompson

A family from Ely have thanked the guys and girls in green who helped them after they were involved in collision in September.

Lucy Grossman, 9, was in the car with her family when a car crashed into the back of them on the A14 near Hemingford.

Within minutes one of our paramedics, Nathan Latimer, and emergency medical technicians, Kelly Thompson, were on hand to help everyone who was hurt in the smash.

Lucy and her family required a quick check over with herself being the most seriously hurt. Despite the collision happening at speed, she was treated for a minor facial injury and slight shock only.

Fortunately everyone has made a full recovery and last Sunday (30th October), they were reunited with Nathan and Lucy under much happier circumstances at Huntingdon ambulance station. They were given a tour of the station and the ambulances and were also taught some basic life support skills.

Lucy, who wants to be doctor when she grows up, was extremely excited with the visit with her Mum Jenny saying: “Lucy has been going on non-stop about this visit, we’ve just got back from a holiday but she was more interested in coming to the station.”

She added: “The crews were fantastic on the day, it was a really scary time for us but they did everything in their power to keep us calm whilst making sure Lucy was okay.”

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