Bedfordshire man meets the crew who saved his life

Date: 11 February 2019

Patient Meet Up of Michael Dowse James Rycraft Jeni Wilson Andrea Theobald 070219

A patient from Bedfordshire was recently reunited with the East of England Ambulance Service crew who saved his life after suffering a cardiac arrest.

The afternoon of the 5th January Michael Dowse was at home in Wilstead when he began experiencing severe chest pain. His long-time partner, Andrea, called 999 for help and shortly after paramedics James Rycraft and Jeni Wilson arrived at the scene.

Despite being clammy and in severe pain, Michael, 72, not really realising the seriousness of his condition, asked the crew whether they wanted a cup of tea!

Not long after the crew arrived Michael went into cardiac arrest. Immediately starting CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) and shocking him with a defibrillator, James and Jeni were able to resuscitate Michael and then transport him to Lister Hospital PPCI centre for treatment. 

James and Jeni were backed up on scene by Locality Operations Manager (LOM), Graham Darby and another crew (Mark and Stuart) from Cambridgeshire.

Within a week of his cardiac arrest, Michael had been discharged from hospital and had even popped into Kempston ambulance station on the off-chance that he’d meet the crew again – unfortunately they were not on shift.

On Thursday (7th February), Michael came back to the station with his partner of thirty years, Andrea, and met with his ‘guardian angels’, James and Jeni.

When Jeni first learned that Michael had already visited the station to say thank you, only six days after his arrest, she felt shocked and emotional that he was up and about soon.

During their visit, Michael and Andrea joked that after thirty years they were talking about marriage but if they were to tie the knot – James and Jeni would have to attend and be witnesses.  

Craig Borrett, Assistant General Manager for EEAST in North Bedfordshire, who organised the get-together, said “I am so proud of James and Jeni. I will never stop being amazed of the positive impact our staff can have on patient’s lives”

  • Summary:

    A patient from Bedfordshire was recently reunited with the ambulance crew who saved his life after suffering a cardiac arrest.