Ambulance service supporting staff through the good times and bad of mental health

Date: 15 April 2017

TRim training Session

Bosses at the region’s ambulance service are continuing to support staff and tackle the stigma surrounding mental health, after signing a commitment to health and well-being last year.

Last year Chief Executive Robert Morton and Chair Sarah Boulton signed the Mind’s Blue Light Time to Change pledge, which encouraged organisations to publicly commit to a series of actions to tackle the stigma and discrimination around mental health.

By signing the pledge, the Trust needed to demonstrate, it had produced an action plan, detailing what will be delivered to commit to supporting the mental health of staff.

Now eight months later, the service is continuing to grow its services to staff health and wellbeing.

One of our projects is our trauma risk management (TRiM) process, which provides support to colleagues who have suffered traumatic stress at work. Its peer delivered, and looks to support individuals, signpost them to appropriate resources and assist them in returning to work.

The team behind TRiM are a group of specially trained practitioners who base their support on the principles of education, support and mentoring. As a peer-group delivered programme, the practitioners will listen to colleagues’ experiences and offer practical advice and support.

The service currently has a team of 165 TRiM practitioners throughout the Trust, with a recent recruit including Trust Director of Service Delivery, Kevin Brown.

The Trust’s Health and Wellbeing Manager Debra Winterson said: “We are passionate about looking after our staff, and along with TRiM, are currently working on a wide variety of projects that will gradually form a wide-ranging service.”

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