Amazing generosity from the colleagues and employers of cardiac arrest survivor in Suffolk

Date: 01 February 2017

Time: 09:00

Neil Ayers Cheque Presentation

In November we had the pleasure of reuniting cardiac arrest survivor Neil Ayers with the ambulance crews who worked to save his life when he collapsed at his home in Ipswich back in August.

Two months later we have met with Neil again, this time as he presented Community Collaboration Manager, Jonathan Needle with a £1,000 cheque to help others in his community have a similar successful outcome.

The donation came from the combined generosity of Neil’s colleagues and employers at Associated British Ports (ABP).  On hearing Neil’s story, the ABP staff who work at the Port of Ipswich, donated their Christmas meal deposits towards a defibrillator fund.  The managers at ABP responded to their kind gesture by ‘topping up’ the rest of the money to hit the £1,000 total. 

“My colleagues have been amazing. From visiting me in hospital and at home as I recovered,” he said, “to the ongoing support given once I returned to work. Also the understanding, compassion and support from the managers here has been outstanding.

“I am honoured to be able to present this cheque to the ambulance service. I have no words to be able to thank them for what they did for me and my wife. I hope this money can be used towards a defibrillator to help save another life.”

We agree with Neil!

Jonathan said: “Neil’s story really does show how important the ‘chain of survival’ steps are in having a good outcome in these situations. From the early recognition and call for help to 999 from Carol (Neil’s wife), the crucial CPR that she gave, to the early defibrillation given by the crew on arrival.

“Thank you for this generous donation. It will mean that another defibrillator will be available to help someone in Suffolk.”

Andrew Harston, Director at ABP hopes to share Neil’s experience with staff who do first aid and defibrillator training as a positive example of what can happen and the importance of defibrillators.

Neil added “I am living proof that they work!”

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  • Summary:

    Two months after reuniting him with his lifesavers, cardiac arrest survivor Neil Ayers proudly presented us with a cheque to help others have a similar successful outcome.