21943 -2019 - Occupational Health

Questions relating to Occupational Health Provider

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    We are an Ambulance Trust not a Hospital Trust, therefore the below answers refer to the OH provider we use for our staff.  As we feel that the the remaining questions refer to an OH service provided as part of hospital services, we are unable to respond to these.




    Name of Trust

     East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust

    Type of Trust (Acute / Community / Mental Health/ CCG)

     Ambulance Trust

    Name of Occupational Health Service provider:

     People Asset Management

    Duration of contract

     6 years, 3 months

    End date of contract

     31st October 2019

    Trust Headcount - No.

     4896 (as at 31st March 2019)

    Occupational Health Expenditure (Year ending 31st March 2019)


    Does expenditure inc. drugs / pathology?


    Does expenditure include Counselling (Y/N)


    Does your OH contract include early intervention Physiotherapy (Y/N)

     Contract states first appointmernt within 5 working days of OH referral

    About the  service you receive - Please provide details of OH staff numbers dedicated to providing your service as Full Time Equivalents

    How many OH Consultants do you have


    How many OH Doctors (inc. SpR) Excluding Consultants


    How many OH Nurse Specialists / Advisors (Capable of providing Nurse Assessment/ Management referal clinics)


    How many screening nurses (providing Screening / Surveillance / Immunisations / Phlebotomy) Excluding Nurse Specialists


    How many clinical technicians (providing some screening nurse tasks under supervision)


    How many Admin / Managerial staff


    How many (OH) Counselling staff


    How many (OH) Physiotherapy staff


    Does the OH provider get charged for facilities / utilities costs (Y/N/Don’t know)


    How do you rate the service you receive on a score of 1- 10 (1 Low / 10 high)


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    Trust wide
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    Human Resources
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