20420 - 2019 - Make Ready

  1. Do you operate a make ready system?


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    1. Do you operate a make ready system?

    Yes, in limited sites. We currently have sites in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk operating MR services, and are in a programme where this is being extended out across the Trust area.


    1. Which vehicles does your trust predominantly use? e.g. Fiat, Mercedes etc.

    We predominately use the MB 519 with coach body conversion on our fleet, with a small number, circa 30 Fiat van conversions. We are in a programme of change where we are moving over to a Fiat platform with a coach conversion this year, which will then take us to a 50/50 mix of Fiat and MB.


    1. Could you include photos of the saloon of one of your vehicles showing the storage locker layout?

     The Trust is unable to provide any photos at present as the locker loading is under review due to changes within the Make Ready process.  Please could you confirm that you still require these photos and we will send these to you once available.


    1. Do you have a vehicle stock list itemising how your vehicles are meant to be specifically stocked? If so could I trouble you for a copy of this? 
    2. What bags do you have and what should their contents be? e.g. Dressings bag, primary response bag, advanced life support bag etc.

    The Trust has recently responded to another similiar request and has uploaded our response to our online Disclosure Log.  As this information is already reasonably accessible we will not be releasing this again here under exemption s.21 of the Freedom of Infotrmation Act.  However to assist you as per our obligations under s.16 to assist requests, please find below a link to the relevant page of our Disclosure Log.


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