18538 - Paediatric Cardiac Arrests

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    1. I am looking for some statistics around the cardiac arrests respond to. 
    2. How many cardiac arrests to east respond to in a year?

    (The 12 month period I would like data for would be for the whole of 2017. So from the 1st of January 2017 until the 31st December 2017.)

    What percentage of them of children (12 years old and younger)?

    Data: (Incident Response Count) Responses for Card 9 Cardiac Arrests for CY2017 (1st Jan - 31st Dec 2017) and Paediatric Cardiac Arrests CY2017 (1str Jan - 31st Dec 2017) - age 12 and below. Also the percentage of Cardiac Arrests that are Paediatric Responses. Exclusions are test, dups and csd calls.


    Incident Response Count: The total number of incidents where a response physically attended the scene.

    Paediatric: Paediatric was defined by the Requestor as 12 years and below.

    Card 9 Cardiac Arrest CY 2017

    Paediatric Card 9 Cardiac Arrest CY 2017

    Paediatric %




    In how many of the paediatric arrests, are drugs used?

    To locate and collate this information the Trust would have to look into each Patient Care Record for each patient to ascertain what drugs were used.  The Trust has determined that this would take over

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