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I would be most grateful if you could share with me some information on your current processes relating to bank staff by answering the below:

Which systems do you currently use?

What is your recruitment process?



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    I would be most grateful if you could share with me some information on your current processes relating to bank staff by answering the below:

    For accuracy, please note that the information provided in this response is regarding bank staff/bank contracts, not employees.


    Which systems do you currently use?

    Bank Staff are allocated shifts at a local level and managed by individual station teams


    How do you recruit bank employees?

    What is your recruitment process?

           There are two ways that bank contracts can be obtained.

    • If an employee already works for the Trust or is leaving and would like to retain bank contract the process is as follows:
    • Seek SLM approval.
    • Make sure DBS is in date (if not, complete new check), check HCPC (if applicable) registration is within date.
    • Complete new starter documents and casual worker agreement and send to applicant


    All our adverts contain the option of bank working and we welcome applications from staff who wish to work in this way.

    • If he/she is an external applicant, they will be treated as all new applicants;
    • application form,
    • shortlisting, interview + OSCE + written paper,
    • all mandatory pre employment checks (OH, driving assessment, DBS, references from employers for minimum of the past 3 years)
    • send out starter documents and casual worker agreement.

    External applicants have to undertake a 2 week induction course after which they can book shifts with local management.


    Does having a bank of staff minimise the amount of agency workers?

    Yes but we still have to use agency staff


    How is the bank managed?

    Local EOAs/managers plan the shifts for the relief staff at least 5 weeks in advance and then the shifts that are not covered are offered out to overtime/bank staff. To book shifts, they have to call the local EOAs/managers to find out what shifts are available and book the shifts they would like. Local oversight ensures that the priority shifts are covered first.


    How many employees do you have managing the bank?

    The bank is not managed per se but it is administered i.e shifts planned by station admins.


    What band of staff are involved in the management of the bank?

    DLOs are band 7 and SLMs are band 8


    How many employees are in the bank pool?

    There are 413 A&E Bank contracts. Some staff have multiple bank contracts for working different pay bands.


    Are bank employees shared between departments?

    They can complete shifts in other areas and the costs are cross charged.

     How many bank shifts are allocated each week?

    The number of shifts worked by bank staff will vary each week, but over the last 6 weeks we have averaged 49 shifts a week.


    Who's responsibility is it to allocate shifts to bank employees?

    Local management teams allocate shifts to Bank staff


    How are you made aware of what shifts need covering?

    Shifts are planned 12 weeks in advance and overtime is made available to all staff 4 weeks in advance.


    Are the bank employees rostered in for work in advance only or do you contact them to cover last minute absence?



    How do you manage stat and man training for the bank employees to ensure they are at the standards you require?

    Bank Staff are allocated their mandated PU training the same as any member of staff.


    How do you manage the employees that do not work enough hours?

    Bank staff are expected to complete a minimum of one shift per 6 months to prevent their contract from becoming dormant or lapsing. It is their own responsibility to manage this. 


    How do you terminate these employees?

    The same termination process that is used for all staff ie HR3 is completed but the contract does lapse if enough shifts are not taken up.


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