Thank you letters

Here are a few of the hundreds of 'Thank you' messages* that we receive throughout the year. They are published verbatim but some may be edited where appropriate for brevity.

Submitted via our 'Tell us what you think' section

At approx 09:45 I suffered a stoke, thanks to the TV adverts F.A.S.T. My wife realised what was happening and dialed 999. The call handler was very good and stayed on the line until the ambulance arrived. This was about 6 minutes all though I was not taking notes!! The crew were excellent carried out various checks and decided as I was improving and my speech was returning. They stayed with me until the doctor and stroke nurse had seen me, and because I felt a second stroke coming on they were told to take me for a clot busting injection (Thrombolytic?)

They were excellent during the transfer and on arrival. Because my wife was upset, they even made her a cup of tea. The service I received was first class and I can think of no way it could be improved.


I just wanted to send my total appreciation and gratitude to the ambulance crew who cared for me and got me to hospital which I feel sure contributed to me still being with us today.

Early on the morning my husband contacted 999. Within minutes the ambulance arrived. My husband informed me the paramedics took charge and where extremely efficient and professional, while he openly admits to be in total panic. They were calm and dealt with both of us in a clear and concise way.

I was admitted to hospital with congestive cardiac failure. Having spent ten days in hospital and although still undergoing tests I am convinced I wouldn't be here without the care, training and speed of the intervention I received.

We sadly have no idea who the paramedics are but would wish them to be identified and given our sincere thanks from myself and all my family.


By letter

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and appreciation to the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust, and the Patient Transport Car Servuce for their assistance to convey me to hospital.

Also, my personal thanks to all staff involved regarding appointments.  I found them to pleasant, helpful and polite at all times.


My wife and I thank the great ambulance men who looked after me following a fall at BP.

I was treated with care, kindness and a great deal of support. You should be justly proud of such excellent service


To whom it may concern

Today it was necessary to call an ambulance for one of our residential young people. The crew that attended were fantastic and I wanted to recognise their help and professionalism.

It was deemed necessary for the young person to be taken to hospital and this can be traumatic for him as he has severe autism. One of the paramedics rang CAU, spoke to a consultant and made arrangements for our young person to access the hospital via CAU instead of A/E. This is a huge benefit for the young person in question and therefore I wanted to express our thanks.

People like this make a remarkable difference to the lives of the young people that we care for.  Please pass on our grateful thanks.


This is for the fantastic paramedics that responded to an emergency call on Monday afternoon in St Albans.

Our mother had a heart attack and the paramedics were amazing throughout.

Thank you for everything that you did for our mother. The prep that you during the journey to Hospital was invaluable and she was taken for surgery straightaway.

We are truly grateful for your kindness and care while remaining professional and delivering great service throughout.


By social media

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* Some messages are transcribed to remove any identifying details about the individuals.