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Our team accounts

@EEAST_HART - Hazardous Area Response Team (HART)

@EEAST_CFRS  - Community first responders

@EEAST_EOCs - Control room team (Bedford/Chelmsford/Norwich)

@EEAST_ECATc - Our Emergency Clinical Advice and Triage team

@EEAST_Research - the team behind our paramedic research

@EEAST_ACL - Our Area Clinical Lead teams

@EEAST_Jobs - For vacancies and job related enquiries

@EEAST_Clinical - Lewis Andrews, Head of Quality Improvement at EEAST.

@EEAST_Safety - Patient and Health & Safety Team

@EEAST_CNDLOs - Norwich Duty Locality Officers

@EEAST_DLOSC - South Cambridgeshire Duty Locality Officers

@EEAST_WavDLOs - Waveney Duty Locality Officers

@EEAST_IPSDLOs - Ipswich Duty Locality Officers

@EEAST_SWEDLOs  - South West Essex Duty Locality Officers

@EEAST_WSDLOs - West Suffolk Duty Locality Officers

Board members and senior staff

Sarah Boulton, Chair

Robert Morton, Chief Executive

Kevin Brown, Director of Service Delivery

Dave Fountain, Deputy Director of Service Delivery (Cambs/Beds/Herts)

Karl Edwards, Deputy Director of Service Delivery (Essex/Norfolk/Suffolk)

Gary Morgan, Deputy Director of Service Delivery - Performance, EOC and Collaboration