What are our priorities and how are we doing

Annual reports

Our annual reports for this year is available to view on this website, click on the links below to view:

EEAST annual report 2021-22

Previous annual reports

If you require reports from a previous year, please get in touch via OCE@eastamb.nhs.uk.


Improving our service 

Find out more about our corporate strategy and recent consultation on our corporate strategy page.


Ambulance quality indicators

All ambulance services in England are measured by, and report against the clinical quality indicators. Since 18th October 2018 we moved to a new performance measurement through the Ambulance Response Programme; this is a national change which has been implemented to improve response to patients. Details on the new response categories can be found here. 


Equality and diversity reports

As a public body, we are concerned with the well being of people who use our services and those who provide our services. The Trust recognises that diversity is inclusive and based on valuing everyone as an individual. 

We aim to ensure that equality and diversity is at the centre of our work and is integral to all our functions, policies, strategies and procedures as a means of eliminating institutional and individual discrimination. For information on equality and diversity in the Trust, please visit our equality and diversity pages.  


Quality account

Quality accounts' aim to enhance accountability to the public and engage the leaders of an organisation in their quality improvement agenda. To view our latest Quality Account, please click on the link below:

EEAST Quality Account 2020-21


Patient confidentiality

We are committed to responsibly collecting and processing patient information.