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Disclosure Log

  • Drug/Overdose Incidents (01/FOI/22/000037)

    Overdose Incidents in Essex received via Police Calling, (April 2021-April 2022)

    Calls/Responses, May 2022

  • E Scooter Incidents (2020 to date) (01/FOI/22/000027)

    Call outs made since 2020 to incidents involving e-scooters.

    Emergency Operations,Calls/Responses, April 2022

  • Falls Data (01/FOI/22?000060)

    Falls Data in Norfolk for 2019-2022

    Calls/Responses, May 2022

  • Local Area Network (LAN) environment (01/FOI/22/000046)

    Organisation’s Local Area Network (LAN) contract, including Support and Maintenance- e.g. switches, router, software et

    Information Technology, May 2022

  • Medical Doctors (01/FOI/22?000058)

    How many Medical Doctors does the Service employ

    Human Resources, May 2022

  • MI/Stroke response process (01/FOI/22/000039)

    Triage process for MI/Stroke calls

    Calls/Responses, May 2022

  • Mobile and Telephony contracts (01/FOI/22/000049)

    Current Telephony System and current Mobile Phone provider

    Information Technology,Finance and Procurement, May 2022

  • Newly qualified paramedic statistics 2019-2022 (01/FOI/22/000026)

     Attrition rate and sickness statistics for newly qualified paramedics.  2019 - 2022

    Human Resources, April 2022

  • Patient Digital Services (01/FOI/22/000038)

    Applications to communicate with patients

    Information Technology, May 2022

  • Physical Assessments (01/FOI/22/000028)

    EEAST policy on the physical assessments and procedures paramedics have to undertake to qualify and stay in service.


    Training, April 2022

  • Projects/Programmes (01/FOI/22/000033)

    List of Projects/Programmes being undertaken 

    Estates,Information Technology,General Trust Matters, May 2022

  • Robotic Process Automation (01/FOI/22/000030)

    EEAST use of RoboticProcess Automation

    Information Technology, May 2022

  • Scope of Practice - Endotrachael intubation (01?FOI/22/000040)

    Does East of England still have Endotracheal Intubation as parto f a Paramedic scope of practice

    Training, May 2022

  • Special Operations Response Team (SORT) (01/FOI/22/000052)

    Training and Response of SORT Team

    Training,Emergency Operations, May 2022

  • Staff Support (01/FOI/22/000053)

    Support for staff who are Carers

    Human Resources, May 2022

  • Staff Training 2018-19 and 2021-22 (01/FOI/22/000044)

    Spend on Internal and External Training of staff of all levels and numbers trained during 2018-19 and 2021-22

    Finance and Procurement,Training, May 2022

  • Status Epilepticus (01/FOI/22/000031)

    Treatment of Status Epilepticus

    Clinical, May 2022

  • White Hart, St Ives (01/FOI/22/000029)

    Attendances to White Hart, St Ives and PE27 5AH

    Calls/Responses, April 2022