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March 2015

Date: 01 March 2015

  • Details:

    The patient was concerned that the crew did not administer Cortisone, when it was required to relieve the patient’s symptoms and requested that a flag be linked to their address so in the future crews are made aware that the patients suffers from Congenital Adreno Hyperplasia.

  • Findings:

    The paramedic who attended completed a full assessment of the patient and was advised that the patient suffered from Congenital Adreno Hyperplasia. The paramedic was not aware of this condition and followed the correct protocol by contacting the Clinical Advisor for further information.

    The Clinical Advisor could not find a clear treatment plan or any advice to state that Hydrocortisone should be given and advised the Paramedic to convey the patient to hospital. The patient was conveyed on blue lights and a pre-alert was provided to the hospital about the patient’s condition.

  • Lesson learnt / action taken:
    • Information was added to the CAD to reflect the patient’s condition and the patient was given advice about calling from a different address from her home.
    • The investigating manager contacted the patient’s GP in order to progress the implementation of a Patient Specific Protocol.
    • An article will be included into the clinical bulletin reminding staff of conditions associated with Addison's disease and adrenal crisis.
  • Date:
    01 March 2015