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March 2014 - case study 2

Date: 01 March 2014

  • Details:

    A child had an allergic reaction to nuts and his Mother called 999. The first attending Emergency Medical Technician used an ‘EpiPen’; the child recovered and the Mother was told to take him home to rest. The child subsequently became ill again and the Mother called 999. The Paramedic who attended found that the child was recovering from an acute reaction and advised the Mother to take him to hospital herself. The Mother was unhappy with both of these decisions.

  • Findings:

    The investigation found that the first attending Emergency Medical Technician should have conveyed the child to A&E, even though he had recovered. It was considered that the second attending Paramedic did not show the best judgement in allowing the Mother to transport her son to A&E herself, even though there may have been a wait for an ambulance to attend.

  • Lesson learnt / action taken:

    The EMT has undertaken further training and the Paramedic has reflected on her decision. Both staff members regret not arranging for the patient to have been conveyed to hospital by ambulance.

  • Date:
    01 March 2014