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June 2018

Date: 11 July 2018

  • Details:

    The ambulance service was called out to the report of a child who was having convulsions and not responding. The complainant felt that there was a delay in administering the initial dose of medication to the patient, wanted to know why the crew sought advice before administering the medication and was also questioning why there was a delay getting the patient to hospital.

  • Findings:

    As part of the investigation the Investigating Manager met with the complainant, received statements from the crew involved and did an in depth review of all documentation and radio communications from the time of the incident. The Investigating Manager found a few failings in delaying the treatment by using the Critical Care Desk for clinical advice when they were already busy tasking the Helicopter teams (HEMS). The Investigating Officer does not feel that the crew spent excessive amounts of time on scene at this incident but he does feel with further knowledge and confidence the drug administration could have occurred quicker. All this information was discussed with the complainant during the meeting and they reflected on aspects that could have been improved and the areas to be discussed further with the crew for future learning.

    and ensure that these are referred to prior to giving the drug. The crew have reflected on this incident at length and they have acknowledged that the found the incident challenging. He has also advised the crews.

  • Lesson learnt / action taken:

    The Investigating Manager concluded that the crew should have prioritised stopping the fit as soon as hypoglycaemia was excluded and that the paramedics need to have access to the JRCALC guidelines that the use of the Critical Care Desk for remote clinical advice may compromise the dispatch or coordination of specialist resources therefore they should ensure that they are using either the Clinical Advice Line, the Duty Locality Manager or the local hospital for this guidance instead. 

  • Date:
    01 June 2018