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June 2015 - case study 1

Date: 30 May 2015

  • Details:

    The complainant’s father was left in the back of the ambulance with the doors open for 25 minutes and the crew did not assist the patient on arrival at his home.

  • Findings:

    A meeting took place with the private ambulance service, the complainant and the Trust where an unreserved apology was given. It was confirmed that there are standard operating procedures in place for these type of circumstances and these were not followed. An apology was also given in relation to the investigation delay and the fact other patients were not interviewed as part of this.

  • Lesson learnt / action taken:
    • Complaint investigation timeframes to be included in future contract arrangements with private providers
    • Investigation to include statements from other patients where appropriate
    • Specific staff involved received formal feedback.
  • Date:
    29 May 2015