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December 2018

Date: 11 January 2019

  • Details:

    The complainant phoned for an ambulance for a patient who was struggling to breathe. They found the male member of the crew very rude insinuating that there time was being wasted. The patient kept apologising to the crew members and the complainant felt that this was unacceptable. The whole experience made the complainant feel shocked and disappointed. The crews members were unprofessional and grumpy and seemed fed up with their jobs.

  • Findings:

    The Investigating Manager interviewed and requested statements from both the crew members who were present at the time of the incident. From the statements the crew members apologised for the comments made and admitted that they may have come across abrupt and sounded as though he lacked compassion. This wasn’t his intention and stated that they were trying to lighten the mood.

  • Lesson learnt / action taken:

    The Investigating Manager arranged for additional training and counselling.  Advice has also been provided to the crew member regarding how their attitude may be interpreted by members of the public and patients. A file note for also added to their personal files for future reference.

  • Date:
    01 December 2018