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August 2018

Date: 01 August 2018

  • Details:

    The complainant complained that they had suffered a headache for four days and decided to call an ambulance. The crew member was very dismissive of the pain the complainant was in and didn’t seem concerned. The complainant saw the doctor soon after the ambulance assessment and was sent straight to the Accident & Emergency Department. The complainant suffered a brain haemorrhage and was rushed straight to a London Hospital for surgery.

  • Findings:

    As part of the investigation, the Investigating Manager received a statement from the attending paramedic and spoke to them regarding the aspects of the complaint. From the paramedic’s statement, they have stated that they do not feel they were rude at any time towards the patient and were trying to do a full and thorough assessment.

  • Lesson learnt / action taken:

    Upon further reflection of the paramedic’s statement and the Patient Care Record completed at the time of the assessment the investigating officer felt that the paramedic should have been more mindful that the complainant has been through a range of services already trying to seek advice. They could have offered to transport to the hospital as they felt further assessment was needed rather than advising that the complainant make their own way to the hospital. The clinician reflected on this case through the Trust internal procedures.

  • Date:
    01 August 2018