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April 2014 - case study 1

Date: 30 March 2016

  • Details:

    A young person was involved in a road traffic collision. The patient’s mother was concerned that the Paramedic did not provide her son with a neck support, did not perform any medical observations, removed the patient from the spinal board once in the ambulance and was dismissive of her concerns.

  • Findings:

    The investigation highlighted techniques which may have improved the immobilisation care provided. Although patient examinations had been performed and had not indicated any cervical spine (neck) injury, given the nature of the collision full spinal immobilisation from the start should have been a consideration.

  • Lesson learnt / action taken:

    The crew will attend a refresher training event focussing on trauma related injuries to the neck, spine and pelvis, including spinal immobilisation. The Paramedic apologised for any shortcomings in his manner, explaining that he had been focussed on the patient.

  • Date:
    30 March 2014