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Volunteers Week 2019: Rhys Hibbert, CEG Member

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Rhys Hibbert CEG

Rhys Hibbert is fairly new to our Community Engagement Group (CEG). Here he answers the big question - "Why do I volunteer for EEAST?"

Why volunteer? You may ask yourself that question. Why do other people give so much time to other causes FREE?

I asked myself the same question today – why do I give up so much of my time for the East of England Ambulance service?

Some (my wife included) would say “I am obsessed”. Others may say it is a hobby of mine.

So that still does not answer the question “why do I volunteer?

There is actually a number of reasons why I give up my time for the trust, so lets start back at the beginning:

I grew up in a volunteering household, my parents were always helping others. I was brought up to think of others first. We were always encouraged as children to spend our weekends helping others less fortunate than ourselves. My grandparents also encouraged us to do things for others.

The habit was set – I have spent the rest of my life doing things for others as a result of the way I was brought up.

So why do I volunteer for EEAST and what do we do as a community engagement team?

I have always had an interest in the ambulance service and have been a qualified “First person on scene” for a number of years now. Knowing that the NHS ambulance services up and down the country are facing some very real challenges, I wanted to make a difference for the benefit of my neighbours and friends and all the other patients who use the service. This is why I joined the CEG team.

During the course of the year, we carry out Infection Prevention checks on all the stations across the trust to ensure they comply with the National Standards.

We visit schools and other community events to promote the work of the trust, promote recruitment and teach CPR to all. We support the re-start a heart day in October each year.

We also support the trust by visiting the stations and talking to frontline crews, spending time out on the road with the crews to get an insight into what they do on a daily basis.

There are also many other things that we help with during the year like proof reading and commenting on new trust policies and strategies. We also meet regularly with frontline crews and management staff to evaluate, learn and provide feedback.

Some of our team are also Community First Responders – another valued voluntary team supporting the frontline crews.

Now back to my original question – why do I volunteer for EEAST?   I have a passion for volunteering and caring for people so here I am – a small cog in the big wheel of volunteering, but I would now like to turn this round.

Do you volunteer?

Could you volunteer?

Would you volunteer?

Volunteers are the people who keep the United Kingdom well oiled and moving smoothly. Think about it. Think about a passion of yours  and think “could I volunteer for an organisation that suits my passion”.

If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes”, don’t delay, get in touch.

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