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TwiddleMuff Mania at North Essex PTS

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TwiddleMuff mania in North Essex PTS

We caught up with Kerry Gaskin, Service Delivery Manager in North Essex Non-Emergency Services to catch up on the TwiddleMuff mania in North Essex PTS...

TwiddleMuff mania commenced in North Essex Patient Transport Service (PTS) after seeing a tweet from Damon Wheddon, Area Clinical Lead promoting TwiddleMuffs alongside Rheanne Hall, Senior Paramedic at Ipswich.

I got in touch with Damon and Rheanne for more information, and soon realised what a huge benefit TwiddleMuffs could be to PTS as we transport patients living with dementia on a daily basis.

Since then we have been promoting the TwiddleMuff revolution in and around North Essex and have so far received donations from members of the public, a doctor’s surgery, friends and families of our crews and the Alzheimer’s Society in Colchester.

The crews have really embraced this and think it’s a brilliant idea.

Although we have a nice stock of TwiddleMuffs right now, we will continuously need donations to enable us to always have at least two on each PTS vehicle in all areas around our region.

Any donations can be dropped off at your local ambulance station within North Essex (Colchester, Clacton, Weeley, Halstead or Greenstead), although the main hub for PTS in North Essex is Greenstead Ambulance Station. You can also drop off donation our Longwater station in Norwich, Norfolk.

Read more about TwiddleMuffs, find the pattern and where to send them too here

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