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Making a difference when people are at their most vulnerable

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Sharon Smith CFR

Sharon Smith is the co-ordinator of Newgate Street CFRs in Hertfordshire...

I became a CFR in December 2014 and I average 75 hours a month and attend on average one patient a week. It's not a big time commitment.

I live in a remote village a long distance from hospitals and I wanted to be able to help in a local emergency.

I've met some amazing patients and their families. I have received some lovely feedback either personally or through villagers about how my presence calmed during a very stressful time. You get a real sense of achievement that you're making a difference when people are at their most vulnerable.

Of course not every patient interface ends with happy news. I have attended cardiac arrests and despite best effort not every patient can be saved. It's inherent with the role when you are dealing with the most life critical patients.

Being a CFR has given me a real sense of achievement in helping people in my community at a very stressful moment in their lives.

Most patients I visit are within 3-4 miles of where I live so I can get there really fast. An ambulance is always on its way to back me up. It's a wonderful role. Training is comprehensive so you don't need any medical background. Give it a go. It's worthwhile and it's helping your community.

The East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust (EEAST) will be posting a blog from a CFR every day during national volunteers' week, which runs until 12th June #volunteersweek #CFRtakeover

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Arwin - 2016-08-19T07:39:57+01:00Reply

Hello Sharon Smith. A wonderful article i am from a small village in India. We have such a scarcity of medical emergency in our place we are place. I hope even we could have come up something like that. Thank You