What we spend and how we spend it

How are we funded?

Our main source of income is through NHS service level agreements made with the 19 clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in the region and this is reviewed on an annual basis.

Our Patient Transport Service are all commissioned by CCGs usually in the form of a group or consortium as the services cover a geographical area larger than one single clinical commissioning group. These are subject to competitive tender and delivered in accordance with an agreed contract.

The Department of Health provides a capital allocation each year, together, with additional funding for CBRN (chemical, biological radiological, nuclear) response training.

Additional income is also generated by public events, like V Festival and commercial training, and we have charitable funds mainly made up of donations.

How we spend our money

Our Board decides how income will be spent and capital expenditure planned following a report from the Director of Finance & Commissioning who proposes budgets for the financial year. Updated budget information is shared at Board meetings every month.


Expenditure of more than £25,000

The Department of Health requires all NHS Trusts to publish all expenditure of more than £25,000.

Please click on one of the links to view this information:


       Expenditure of more than £25,000 October 2023

       Expenditure of more than £25,000 September 2023

       Expenditure of more than £25,000 August 2023

       Expenditure of more than £25,000 July 2023

       Expenditure of more than £25,000 June 2023

       Expenditure of more than £25,000 May 2023

       Expenditure of more than £25,000 April 2023

       Expenditure of more than £25,000 March 2023

       Expenditure of more than £25,000 February 2023

       Expenditure of more than £25,000 January 2023


       Expenditure of more than £25,000 December 2022

Expenditure of more than £25,000 November 2022

Expenditure of more than £25,000 October 2022

Expenditure of more than £25,000 September 2022

Expenditure of more than £25,000 August 2022

Expenditure of more than £25,000 - July 2022

Expenditure of more than £25,000 - June 2022

Expenditure of more than £25,000 - May 2022

Expenditure of more than £25,000 - April 2022

Expenditure of more than £25,000 - March 2022

Expenditure of more than £25,000 - February 2022

Expenditure of more than £25,000 - January 2022


Archive: View figures for 2018 - 2021 HERE


Staff pay

Details on staff pay can be found on the NHS Employers website. This website publishes the Agenda For Change staff pay and bandings.

Contracts and tendering

The procurement team creates contracts and raises orders for the supply of goods and services. They positively influence purchasing to support our corporate aims and priorities.

Using various frameworks as well as creating our own contracts and frameworks, we buy goods and services from numerous suppliers, many of which are based in the region. The processes we follow can be seen in this processes flowchart.

Opportunities are often published on Tenders Electronic Daily, Contracts Finder and MultiQuote. Further opportunities are listed on the East of England Bravo solutions website.

For additional information on opportunities to supply us with goods and services, email tenders@eastamb.nhs.uk

More information is available from: