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Trust Chair and Non-Executive Report

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Nicola Scrivings, Trust Chair

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Nicola Scrivings, Trust Chair 


SR1a: If we do not ensure our people are safe and their wellbeing prioritised, there is a risk that we will be unable to attract, retain and keep all our people safe and well

SR1b: If we do not ensure our leaders are developed and equipped, there is a risk that we will not be able to change our culture, and value, support, develop and grow our people

SR2: If we do not deliver operational and clinical standards then there is a risk of poor patient outcomes and experience

SR3: If we do not ensure we have the ability to plan, influence and deliver across our systems to secure change, we will not be able to meet the needs of our public and communities

SR4: If we do not resolve long standing organisational inefficiencies we will be unable to deliver an effective, sustainable, value for money service to our public

SR5: If we do not clearly define our strategic plans we will not have the agility to deliver the suite of improvements needed

SR6: If we do not deliver sustainable regulatory compliance and develop positive relationships, we will have limited ability to deliver our strategy

Equality Impact Assessment

No negative impact identified




Report for noting

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To update the Public and the Board on Chair and Non-Executive Director activity since the last Public Board meeting in March 2023

Executive Summary

Report identifies

  • Key organisational issues arising from Board oversight this period.
  • Non-Executive Director additional activities providing wider assurance and Board visibility.
  • Key activities by the Chair since the last Board in March
Introduction/ Background

My recent reports in January and March focussed upon the concerns that the Board had in terms of the Regional Systems response in making progress on reducing hospital handover delays and the consequential impact upon the overall patient experience.

Since then there has been good progress with focus from all partners and with NHS Regional oversight,  on establishing the required collaborations and system improvements along with a rigorous structured approach to our own operational improvement. This powerful combination of collaboration with partners and robustly addressing areas within our control underpins the improving experience for our patients, colleagues and communities, although there is further to go to hit the standards we expect.  Papers later in the meeting will give more detail.

As this is my last Board meeting I would like to thank our colleagues who continue to provide compassionate care to patients in very difficult times. Whilst the last few years have been very challenging for all in EEAST,  at the very core of the organisation, and in everyone’s approach, has always been the drive to deliver outstanding care to our patients and to create an environment which is a great place to work. I am proud of all we have achieved together. 

The Board also gains assurance for progress against our goals and plans through spending  time with people, both in operational settings and our corporate teams,  hearing first-hand about the impact of any changes and current pressures. Aside from the normal business of Board oversight, I have spent time in the last period with Leaders within and outside our organisation. I was pleased to attend a EEAST Leadership day where the energy in the room was translated to some excellent shared examples of improvement activity across the organisation. I have also had the privilege of meeting several new leaders as they go through their induction programme, and who have joined our organisation at this critical time of delivering on our plans and commitments.  

Since the beginning of January Non-Executive Director colleagues have participated in the Chair recruitment stakeholder panel and specifically -

Wendy Thomas is Chair of the People Committee and she had a keen focus during the last two months on gaining insights direct from colleagues about the day to day working environment. She attended the Leadership day, several staff network sessions and also attended a diversity awareness session organised by Association of Ambulance Chief Executives ( AACE ).  Wendy also attends Mid-South Essex ( MSE ) system meetings as EEAST representative.

In a similar vein Mrunal Sisodia has visited colleagues in Norwich to meet the Finance team and also spent some time in AOC and with Call EEAST. He also met with the EEAST Bedford and Luton leadership team and attended the Raising Concerns Forum.

Alison Wigg  attended the Leadership Day and a staff network session to review recent survey results, alongside representing the Trust with Suffolk North East Essex ( SNEE ) system.

Neville Hounsome attended the Leadership Day and represented the Trust at the Norfolk and Waveney system.  He also continued his support for our Charity. He has chaired the Committee since its’ inception almost four years ago. We have seen the work of the charity go from strength to strength, winning awards for its' work last year. Recent examples of what is being delivered with projects funded by the charity include: 6 CFR cars and other equipment enabling a 50% increase in CFR attendances to falls, 400 unmet patient needs being met as a result of a pilot project launched 3 months ago, the development of a number of wellbeing gardens at local stations and ongoing support for welfare wagons during difficult times for our staff. The Charity has now launched a new brand which has been supported by packets of seeds handed to  our staff for planting.

My main  activities were.



Link to goals

Internal engagement and activity

EEAST Leadership Day.

Attendance at Executive led virtual weekly engagement sessions.

Executive Director/ Dep Director meetings on focus and priorities and induction

Regular CEO meetings – including formal annual discussion

All Non-Executive Director 22/23 annual discussions

Pre-launch meeting for Men’s Wellbeing Network

Well-led improvement

Board / Committee

Public and Private Boards

Remuneration Committee

Fit for the Future Steering Group

Well-Led improvement

External Governance

HWE Partnership Provider Chairs meeting

C&P Partnership Provider Chairs meeting

HWE and C&P ‘cell’ briefing

NHSE Region hosted Oversight Assurance Group

AACE Chairs meeting

AACE Council meeting

Strategic Goal 3

Representing the Trust

System meetings with 2 Independent ICS Chairs

Strategic Goal 3

Personal Development

Board Development session focused on Commercial activity and closure session for current Development phase.

CQC preparation for future Inspection

Follow-up on AACE Violence Reduction information and consideration of Board Development session

Well-led improvement

Key Issues/ Risks

Continued impact on patients and staff of operational pressures.


Options and mitigations to be explored via Committee escalations, Integrated Performance Report and Board Assurance Framework.



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