Transformation Committee Assurance Report


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Transformation Committee Assurance Report

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Alison Wigg, Non-Executive Director

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The Board is asked to receive assurance from the business discussed at the meeting and to review the matters for escalation and referral. 

Link to Strategic Objective

Be an exceptional place to work, volunteer and learn


Provide outstanding quality of care and performance


Be excellent collaborators and innovators as system partners


Be an environmentally and financially sustainable organisation



Summary of Items Considered at the Meeting






Long term progress against key strategic themes

The need to ensure that the committee is providing the right level of assurance for transformation projects.

  • Note the progress having all the transformation projects into one Gantt chart. Now need a top level view with interdependencies.
  • Emphasised the need for more concise papers that identify plans and progress against the relevant strategy.


Fit for the Future

Positive progress in the delivery of the actions in most areas.

Assurance on the actions but still not on the impact that they are making.

Good assurance on the people area but not clear on impact in other areas.


PMO Dashboard

Outline of work to ensure the right programmes have a suitable PMO structure.

Emphasis on consistent way of managing and communicating progress on programmes.


Clinical Operating Model

Progress against new Clinical Strategy.

Lots of progress on actions was noted.

Need a clear plan on how to deliver the clinical strategy over the next 3 years with KPIs.

The communication and engagement plan and co-production plan was also missing.


Integrated Transformation Programme Refresh

Review of the ITP programme of the past 3 years and plan for the next 3 years.

Noted the£2.9m savings achieved.

Support for continuation of the ITP but understand risk if the funding is not secured.

System improvement Schemes and Engagement Good summary of activities with the 6 integrated care systems with clear progress.  Asked for a one pager on each system and an articulation of what we need to do to influence the wider system. Update
Board Assurance Framework Discussed the new risk identified in the risk register. The digital risk was also reviewed as part of the action at the start of the meeting. Good assurance that the risks discussed in the meeting line up with the ones in the BAF. Substantial
Transformation Committee Annual Report and Key Internal Controls The report outlines the work of the transformation committee during last year, feedback from participants and future plans. There is some clear overlap with other committees and questions on its future. Significant differences of opinion on the future of the committee and its relationship to the rest of the governance framework. This was escalated to a small subset of the group to resolve. Discussion
Transformation Programme Group Update The paper outlines the role of the Transformation Programme Group and its oversight of the key programmes.   Update
Time to Lead Included for information only to ensure the right progress was being made. The committee was assured on the progress of this programme and that it was suitable to be managed solely through the People committee. Substantial


Matters for escalation or referral




Future of the Transformation Committee and relationship with other governance.

CEO, Chair, Committee Chair and Director of Corporate Affairs and Performance

Committee was still conflicted about the appropriate way forward.

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