The sustainability message at EEAST continued to gather momentum and we have begun to see the ‘Be Green’ message having a positive impact on everyone within the Trust. Our colleagues have demonstrated a real interest in working in a more sustainable way.

From the heating, lighting and power supplies within our Trust, to the use of recyclable and reusable consumables and resources within our daily working environment, we encouraged and empowered our colleagues to adapt to and adopt a sustainable health and care environment. As a result, we updated our sustainability strategy.

The green champion network continued to flourish and developed momentum which supported activity across the Trust and has worked on ways of achieving our objectives outlined in the ‘green plan’. Our green champions supported, encouraged and influenced changes in behaviours both in our organisation and our local communities. This work has been supported by our non-executive green champion to ensure full oversight by our board.

  • We have installed LED low energy consumption lighting control and fittings at Peterborough, Melbourn, Longwater, Beccles and Wisbech sites
  • The Building Management System has been upgraded at Trust Headquarters to provide improvement to the controls and to reduce energy consumption
  • Replacement of old storage heaters and controls at Cromer ambulance station with an energy-efficient system
  • We have removed oil heating systems and installed a new air source heat pump at our Stansted ambulance station, which will improve the heat distribution across the building and also reduce energy costs
  • An energy efficient boiler system has been installed at Kings Lynn and Addenbrooke

Waste Management

  • A new waste management contract reduced EEAST’s reliance on clinical waste being sent for incineration or landfill and will continue to provide long term cost savings to the Trust.
  • All strategic sites have centralised waste recycling and general bins
  • A bespoke EEAST colleague waste awareness training module has been developed.

We will reduce the annual energy consumption by 5% year on year - aligned with the Trust 2020-2025 Green Plan

Utilities Management

  • To ensure our reduction targets were on track and achieved we reviewed energy consumption monthly, quarterly and annually with continual analysis.
  • Utility invoice processing had improved efficacy by 80% being completed within SLA and through this scheme, the Trust has recovered more than £10k
  • Our electrical, gas and water consumption has been offset by utilising the capital budget to invest in renewable and innovative technology.

We are committed to developing our roadmap for becoming net-zero carbon, in line with the NHS Long Terms Plan and Net Zero National


  • We have identified strategic locations across our region to begin roll out of the installation of rapid charging units following an EV infrastructure options appraisal.
  • An energy baseline for the fleet, size, vehicle type, renewals and locations has been developed.


  • All our electrical contracts are 100% renewable
  • We ensured sustainability performance information was included in all appropriate tenders.
  • We ensured all furniture, IT, building materials, walking aids and reusable medical devices are reused where appropriate


  • All new job descriptions included an element of sustainability awareness
  • Development of an active travel facility at all make ready hubs
  • We offered a range of activities like fitness classes, processes to enable active travel, provided healthy food choices and accessible spaces for colleagues to use for rest and reflection.

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