Performance and Finance Committee Assurance Report


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Performance and Finance Committee Report to Board

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Julie Thallon, Non-Executive Director

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The Board is asked to receive assurance from the business discussed at the meeting and to review the matters for escalation and referral 

Link to Strategic Objective

Be an exceptional place to work, volunteer and learn


Provide outstanding quality of care and performance

Be excellent collaborators and innovators as system partners


Be an environmentally and financially sustainable organisation



Summary of Items Considered at the Meeting






Finance Report

Shortened year-end report, position delivered as reported in year.

Executive Team agreed spend for NHSE allocated £27m. Allocated to improvements that will deliver efficiencies.

Plan for 23/24 will be breakeven but risks associated with that. 

Year-end position confirmed and approved.

22/23 position – Substantial

23/24 position - Moderate


Plans for 23/24 progressing.  Still significant risks to thematic schemes. Better engagement from the organisation around the allocated targets with progress being made identifying savings. 

The Committee resolved that the new processes have been agreed previously and we need to allow time for delivery to come through.  Remain supportive of approach and monitor at next Committee meeting in June


Capital Investment Group

Delays to vehicle delivery but otherwise plans in place for capital spend in 23/24.

Need to align to Green Plan. 

Committee supported plan.


 Operational Performance Report

There are initial signs of improvement in some areas of operations although some concern about sustainability of that. Development of the OPIP continues although there remains some doubt about the robustness of the data. 

Committee resolved to exclude the section on People from the PAF report to avoid duplication.

Internal: Moderate

External: Limited

Shadow Contracting Arrangements

Nationally changing picture around how ambulance services are commissioned.  Trust is looking to influence the debate and prepare for changes. Commissioners supportive of the debate.

Committee resolved to support the continued development of the proposals and involvement of the trust in informing the national discussions.


PTS Benefits Analysis and Options Appraisal Previously discussed and approach for PTS agreed at Board.  Options for escalating concerns to PAF discussed. Finance risk remains significant with a required saving of c500k required each month to break even.

Committee endorsed the decision at Board to:

  • continue with the improvement programme for PTS,
  • keep in touch with contracting plans and express an interest where indicated
  • participate in the national debate about managing PTS for the future.
Update report to be a standing item on the PAF agenda this year.
Board Assurance Framework Risks discussed as part of main agenda items.  Further iteration of new format BAF which continues to be developed.  Still some concerns but improving

Committee resolved to support the new format and ongoing development of the BAF.

No changes or further updates to this month’s report.

Performance and Finance Committee Annual Report There was consensus that PAF has seen improvements in 23/24 and now works more effectively.  There is still work to do but views were positive. Need to do further work to avoid duplication across Committees.  With improved data we need to avoid getting too immersed in the detail but remain strategic. Moderate


Matters for escalation or referral




The People section in Operational Performance report should be transferred to People Committee

People Committee

To avoid duplication or omission of discussions. 

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